Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  has a important  place in our corporate value system.  Our efforts are on the all-round development of the communities around our production zones. Our labour welfare &  development activities span three key areas i.e. healthcare, education and sustainable livelihood. Beside that, we are also focusing on training to the youngster to develop their production skill that will empower them to stand on their own feet in coming future.  We also ensure that the children of our workforce attend the school.  Our another concern is proper working conditions and facilities like ESI and PF is provided to the work force.

Site meetings are held periodically to evaluate  feedback on the benefits of our community programs and the areas where these need to be push up.  We try  that while in the short term we have to do enormous hand-holding, the projects become sustainable by the beneficiaries over the long period. Once this stage is reached, we withdraw. In this way we do not build a culture of dependence, instead we make the beneficiaries self-reliant.



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